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Yacht Transport

Boat and Yacht Transport specializes in Oversize Yacht Transport.


People often need to transport a yacht across our country and for international yacht shipping.   Boat and Yacht Transport specializes in yacht transport with an emphasis on oversized and yacht transport moves.


Our drivers have the knowledge and driving skills to safely transport your yacht.  They are an organized, experienced, and professional team of drivers, specializing in Yacht Transport.  Our permit office is well-versed in DOT regulations and requirements for nationwide Yacht Transport.


We believe it is our job to inform you of what is involved in getting your boat or yacht ready for overland transport as well as international yacht transporting.  We have prepared a list to help guide you through yacht transport preparation.  Please take the time to read this information on our yacht transport preparation guide.  Our quote will also include a copy of this information for your review and signature.


yacht transport

Transporting a yacht to and from any location can often be a difficult and strenuous task.  We have the experience and understanding for what it takes to move your yacht.  First and foremost, yacht transport requires careful planning and attention to detail on both the part of the owner (or designated shipping agent) and the yacht transport service company.   Proper preparation of the boat for transport is the responsibility of the owner.  Yacht Transport companies do not typically prepare yachts for transport; marinas and boat yards personnel prepare yachts for transport and typically will only allow their employees to prepare the yacht, while it sits on their property.


Our agents are knowledgeable and can provide advice about yacht disassembly and also recommend Full Service Marinas, Boatyards, Captains, and Marine Surveyors all over the country to assist you with an array of yacht transport services.  For example, our yacht transport agents can assist you with services such as flybridge or command bridge removal, yacht preparation for transport, cradle and shrinkwrap, and yacht cleaning and detailing.



Our company offers timely scheduling, with superior communications while your yacht is in transit so you can plan for her delivery to her new home.  We offer competitive rates for yacht transport, insurance to her full value as needed; and strive for safe yacht transportation in a timely fashion.  Our customers are very important to us.  Our company goal is to keep you satisfied with our services to know you will call us again and also refer us to others. 


Our Customers Can Tell You Better Than Us! Yacht Transport Customer Testimonials. Referrals, and Reviews!


yacht transport yacht transport
yacht transport yacht transport


We have the right trailers for yacht moving and oversized boat transporting.  Our yacht transport trailers consist of Waltrons, Alduras, Pescos, Brownells, Aqua Floats, EZLoaders, CMCs, Holstars, and specialty custom boat moving trailers.  Our Low Boy trailers are forty eight and fifty three foot long, with stretch capabilities.  Our equipment meets all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  It is critical to the safety of your yacht that we use the required escorts and high poles when state regulations require them.  All of our tractors and yacht trailers are air ride.  This insures a smoother ride for your yacht during transport.  All yacht transports are insured for both liability and cargo insurance while in the care of our driver.


yacht transport yacht transport yacht transport
yacht transport yacht transport yacht transport

Our professional yacht transport drivers know how the boat must be supported, balanced, stabilized and secured. They know how to properly distribute the weight on both the boat, and the trailer axels and how to correctly secure your yacht to the trailer.   Our dispatcher must match the right yacht trailer and driver for the proper transport of your yacht.  Our driver will complete a thorough condition check of your yacht prior to loading and again at offloading.

yacht transport
yacht transport

When is a permit needed for Yacht Transport?

A permit is needed for the movement of a yacht or a combination of boats, including the load, of a size and/or weight that exceeds the maximum legal size and weight limits as established by each state.  Except for certain vehicles, which are given a permit exemption, any yacht transport exceeding these limits must obtain a permit prior to moving on highways:


>  Boat legal width limitation is 8 feet 6 inches.

>  Boat Legal height limitation varies by each state.  Base measurement is Total height of 13 feet 6 inches loaded onto the trailer.

>  Boat Legal length limitation of a single vehicle operated under the vehicle's own power is 40 feet;

>  Two-boat combinations vary by each state.  Base measurement is 60 feet, with a 53-foot limit on the semi trailer.

>  Three-boat combination is 65 feet, with a limit of 28 feet 6 inches for each semi trailer and trailer.

>  Legal weight limitation varies by state, subject to all individual axle weights conforming to the Federal Bridge Formula.


§         When is additional special permitting needed?

A Yacht Transport Permit is needed if, in addition to exceeding the legal limitations, the dimensions and/or the weight exceed additional pre-defined limitations.

The pre-defined limitations for a Yacht Transport Permit are as follows with variations between states:

Width varies by state.

Height varies by state.

Length exceeds varies by state

Weight exceeds varies by state

Non-divisible load factor with substantiated application to DOT for each state.

In general, yacht transport that exceed these dimensions and weights will require additional efforts, engineering judgment, and coordination between the yacht transporter, DOT, District Offices, and local authority for each state.


Yacht Transport permitting can take up to a week to be issued and one is needed for each state.  Yacht Transport takes careful planning between the owner or designated shipping agent, Boat and Yacht Transport, and the contacts involved for loading and offloading, as well as yacht preparation factors.



yacht transport yacht transport yacht transport
yacht transport yacht transport yacht transport

Boat and Yacht Transport is a Professional Yacht Transport Company experienced in moving your yacht.  A successful yacht transport company and their drivers must have combined experience working with DOT, permit agencies, marinas, boat yards, and ports to offers better savings to you by avoiding costly delays.  Drivers are instructed not to move the load in any circumstance they regard as unsafe.  At the sole discretion of the driver, he may decline to accept any load which he believes to be inherently unsafe for any reason.  Experienced, dedicated drivers have the knowledge and driving skills to transport your boat safely and professionally.  Our drivers are all highly trained and experienced at transporting over width and over height yacht transport nationwide.


yacht transport yacht transport yacht transport
yacht transport yacht transport

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