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Boat and Yacht Transport has access to the best boat and yacht transport drivers in the nation, as well as specialized trucks, trailers, and customized power units for powerboat and sailboat moving around the country.  We have the experience necessary to handle a variety of boat types and specialty logistics throughout the U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska, Canada and Mexico.


We ensure your boat is being transported with all the proper Operating Authority and Cargo/Liability Insurance Coverage to match the value of your boat while in transport.  Once your driver is assigned, a Certificate of Insurance can be sent to the Owner. 


First and foremost, reliable, competent, and fully insured are the reasons to choose a reputable transportation specialist to assign your driver.


We know who is moving your boat!  Our drivers are the most experienced and competent drivers in the industry!  As a special commodity boat and yacht transporter, our drivers take pride in their service and their safety records show it.  Our goal is to deliver your boats express to their destination. 


All boat moves are expedited by experienced drivers specifically trained in the loading and handling of all types of boats.  Our drivers’ combined experience working with DOT, permit agencies, marinas, boat yards, and ports offers better savings to you, by avoiding costly delays.


Our customers tell us that we consistently exceed expectations!


We coordinate with all parties in the scheduling of your boat and MAINTAIN communications!  We WILL give you a fair quote!  We WILL take and return your calls!  We WILL show up to pickup and delivery your boat! 


We provide fair, honest, and competitive boat moving quotes quickly and at no charge.  We WON'T surprise you with fuel surcharges.  OUR quote is all inclusive!


Boat and Yacht Transport provides a quote based on the information and specifications provided to us in your boat transport quote request.  We include all costs necessary to move your boat (permits, escorts, pole-cars, insurance, tolls, ferry fees, port charges, route-surveys, customs clearance, documentation, trucking, and warehousing, if necessary).   Call and talk to our staff about your boat move.


We listen to your needs and do our homework so you can budget appropriately!


As your total Domestic and International Transportation partner, we will arrange for building of cradles and shrink wrap to ship your boat anywhere in the world.  We also offer international boat and yacht transporting service internationally worldwide. Our goal is to assist you in every aspect of your boat transportation needs.  We’ll help educate, plan, and guide you thru the whole process of preparing your boat for transporting to bringing her to her new home!






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